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Rubber Pavements Association in Recycler's World

Rubber Pavements Association
Rubber Pavements Association

Statement of Purpose:

Recycled crumb rubber from scrap tires has been used since the 1960's to modify and enhance the performance and durability of asphalt pavements. Technologies using crumb rubber to modify asphalt pavements continue to gain acceptance by highway departments throughout the world.

The Rubber Pavements Association is comprised of organizations involved in the crumb rubber modifier industry. It is a nonprofit (501(c) 6 organization funded by annual membership dues and assessments. The RPA was incorporated in 1993 as a successor to the Asphalt Rubber Producers Group that was founded in 1985.

RPA works to share information among countries, states, local governments and members of the paving industries concerning the cost, performance, recyclability, and emissions of asphalt pavements containing recycled rubber. RPA members provide guidance to government policy makers on the means of ensuring quality assurance and capacity of these processes while encouraging their use.

RPA Membership Classifications:

Open to any business that produces or uses materials that are involved in the crumb rubber modifier industry. Producers are members who process or supply crumb rubber. Users are members who purchase crumb rubber for use in Asphalt-Rubber paving or maintenance applications. Only producers or user members are entitled to vote on questions involving the business of the RPA and are eligible to serve as an RPA director or officer

Open to any business that supplies goods or services to the crumb rubber modifier industry or one that markets or otherwise handles crumb rubber modifier products.

Open to those person who are approved by the Board of Directors for their unique furtherance of the RPA's mission.

Open to those who are approved by the Board of Directors for their recognized expertise in areas of interest to the RPA.

Free newsletter available: RPA News - quarterly. Anyone is free to send their information to us and recieve the newsletter for free.

Dedicated to encouraging greater usage of
high quality, cost effective asphalt pavements
containing recycled tire rubber.

Rubber Pavements Association
Tempe Arizona

Contact : Doug Carlson
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