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Calendar of Events
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33rd International Conference on Solid waste Technology and Management 33rd International Conference on Solid waste Technology and Management
Mar 11, 2018 to Mar 14, 2018
Location : Westin Hotel
Annapolis Maryland USA
Hosted By : Widener University
Website : Click Here for More Information
Details : Speakers from 40 countries will present the latest advances in solid wastes management around the world. Researchers, educators, government officials, consultants, managers, community leaders and others with expertise in solid waste are invited to submit papers for oral presentation or poster session at the Conference.
Costs : Speakers (including authors and co-authors attending the Conference): USD 975 Students (including speakers/authors who are students): USD 690 Standard (non-speaker, non-student): USD 1280
Accommodations : Annapolis Westin Hotel
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