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Cotton Scrap

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Shipping Pt. / Location: USA, LIVERMORE CALIFORNIA

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Quantity Units Frequency
36000 lbs Ongoing
Price Funds Per Unit
.10 USD lbs
Other Cotton Scrap - Post Consumer Cotton Batting. Post consumer cotton batting taken from mattresses. Can be used in the manufacture of cotton pulp or cotton insulation products. Natural cotton fiber which was originally sent through a garnettor machine to create cotton batting, then used in mattresses under the topper layer. All material is sorted by hand in the mattress disassembly process and only good usable material is baled. Truckloads weigh about 36,000 lbs.

Shipping Pt. / Location: USA, NEWARK NEW JERSEY

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Quantity Units Frequency
100000 lbs Ongoing
Price Funds Per Unit
0.30 USD lbs
White Cotton Clips - BLEACH WHITE 100% COTTON CLIPS. Must be 100% cotton and 100% white, does not contain printed or colored materials.

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