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Used and Recycled Bags

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Shipping Pt. / Location: USA, TOLEDO OHIO

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Quantity Units Frequency
1000 each One Time Only
Price Funds Per Unit
1250 USD each
Used Jumbo Bulk Bags - Bulk Bags 35x35x50 DT/SP BOTTOM. Available 1000 bags (5bales) once used/refurbished Bulk Bags better known as (FIBC). FOB Toledo, Size 35x35X50 DT/SP BTM, white Circular, Cross strap, SWL 2200 no liners. Bales are package as 200 per bale. Food Grade limited supplies (Item# CO-OP-50W-DT) no printing.200 bags per bale for $1250.00

Shipping Pt. / Location: USA, SEATTLE WASHINGTON

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Quantity Units Frequency
40000 lbs Month
Price Funds Per Unit
0.10 USD lbs
Used Burlap Bags - Used Burlap Coffee Bags. used burlap coffee bags, single cut along an edge

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