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Earn Recycling Offset Credits - ROCs

(pronunciation ~ ROCKS)

Participation in RecycleNet Corporation's Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs) program is open to anyone who voluntarily reports materials recycled. RecycleNet will award Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs) based on volume of materials recycled. RecycleNet Corporation does not charge a fee for issuance of ROCs.

RecycleNet Corporation takes for granted that materials move through multiple steps in the the process of recycling. From the generator of scrap, waste or by-products, materials are collected and transported to a processor that will sort, grade and package the materials transforming them into a secondary commodity. Secondary Commodities (that now meet grade specifications) can be accumulated into truck lot or mill order quantities and delivered for conversion into a new use. RecycleNet views this as the reverse distribution supply chain.

RecycleNet believes that each stage of the reverse distribution supply chain is a valuable step in the recycling process. The ROCs program has been designed to recognize the value at each step of the process by awarding ROCs at any step within the supply chain.

Report Material Recycled

To earn Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs) simply report material recycled. Materials must be reported within a 90 day period of the transaction. Once you report materials recycled, your report must be verified by your counter party in the transaction. Counter parties will be contacted by RecycleNet Corporation to confirm the authenticity of your report. Make sure your counter parties of your transactions are aware they will be contacted so that they can verify these transactions.

RecycleNet will award 1 Recycling Offset Credit for each ton of materials recycled to both the principle and the counter party.
Example:  25,000 lbs of materials reported & verified = 12.5 ROCs awarded to each party.

The ROCs program makes no attempt to track a single ton of material through the reverse distribution supply chain and is not a measurement of the total tons of material recycled therefore, there is no concern of double counting of tonnage.

Once earned, you may redeem or trade your ROCs. The ability to trade ROCs provides a potential new revenue stream for recyclers.

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