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Envirolight & Disposal, Inc in Recycler's World

Envirolight & Disposal, Inc
Envirolight & Disposal, Inc
EnviroLight & Disposal, Inc. (EnviroLight) is a State of Florida Certified Minority Corporation, formed March 15, 1994, for the purpose of collecting and transporting spent fluorescent lamps, ballasts and other mercury-containing devices, such as thermostats, thermometers, switches and batteries. Our business is to provide secure containers, timely pick-up services, proper documentation, transportation and recycling of these items. Because of EnviroLight's experience, company representatives stand ready to help you with your specialized recycling needs. We will determine the type of container needed and the frequency of collection, based on the amount of waste generated. One of the special benefits of our service is to complete the appropriate documentation so that the disposal is conducted within the guidelines of the State Department of Environmental Protection. This alone saves you the customer training and administrative time and EnviroLight assures all documentation is done correctly.

Envirolight & Disposal, Inc
St. Petersburg Florida

Contact : Darrell Carrington
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