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Infrared Fiber Systems in Recycler's World

Infrared Fiber Systems
Infrared Fiber Systems
IFS, Inc. manufactures the PlastiScan - a compact instrument that can accurately identify plastics and carpet fiber in less than one second for sorting and quality control applications. We now offer two models of the PlastiScan, the PlastiScan SH and PlastiScan HH. The standard plastic types included in the database are: PET, PVC, PP, PE, PS, ABS, PC and PUR. Carpet types include Nylon 6 and 6.6, PET, wool, and PP. Identification of other materials can be done by custom calibration. The PlastiScan HH model is handheld and completely self-contained (no external computer is required). It's very easy to use, and has convenient, pushbutton operation. It is also our lowest cost model. The identity of the plastic is displayed in large letters on the built-in LCD panel. No pre-treatment of the sample surface is required - just place the sample near the viewing window and push the button. The size and weight of the instrument are similar to a video camcorder. The PlastiScan SH model is intended for laboratory or engineering use, and includes a computer output for viewing and spectrum analysis of the sample. Although it requires an external notebook or desktop computer, it is still quite portable. Please contact us for our new brochure and the pricing on these two models.

Infrared Fiber Systems
Silver Spring Maryland

Contact : Ken Levin
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