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About Recycling Offset Credits - ROCs

(pronunciation ~ ROCKS)

Recycling Offset Credits provide a certified measurement system to recognize and reward companies for their recycling efforts.  RecycleNet Corporation offers this program to you to verify the efforts taken to become more environmentally friendly and reducing your carbon footprint.

Earn ROCs:

To earn Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs) companies enter their buy/sell/trade recycling transactions into the ROCs program.  This transaction is then verified by the counter party of the transaction and upon verification for each ton of material bought, sold or traded one (1) ROC will be awarded.  Equal number of ROCs are awarded to both parties of the transaction.  

Redeem ROCs:

Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs) can be redeemed from RecycleNet Corporation at anytime for a Certificate verifying the credits accumulated in your account.

Buy or Sell ROCs:

RecycleNet Corporation offers a platform for trading Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs).  This platform provides an opportunity to buy ROCs to offset your environmental footprint. The ability to sell ROCs provides a potential new revenue stream for recyclers.

RecycleNet Corporation:

RecycleNet Corporation operates a Secondary Commodities Exchange www.recycle.net; our buy/sell/trade listing service went online in 1995.  RecycleNet has consistently grown its core user base.  On an average business day there are in excess of $200 million USD in new listings submitted in our exchange.

RecycleNet ROCs

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