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Frequently Asked Questions

Recycling Offset Credits are NOT Carbon Credits

Why do I want to Participate in RecycleNet's Recycling Offset Credit Program ?

Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs) give the recognition of the recycling efforts by you and your company.  Recycling Offset Credits are a verifiable way for individuals or companies to promote their recycling efforts.  Recycling Offset Credits (ROCs) recognize you for something that you are already doing with your recycling efforts with no additional costs.

What is the cost to participate in RecycleNet's Recycling Offset Credit Program ? 

The Recycling Offset Credit Program is offered free of charge to all users that wish to participate in earning credits.

If you wish to offset your carbon footprint you may also purchase or sell the credits you have earned with no transaction fees.

The only fees charged by RecycleNet for this program are shipping and handling fees in relation to redemption of credits for Certificates, or withdrawal of funds from your certified deposit account.

What types of materials qualify for earning Recycling Offset Credits ?

Recycling Offset Credits can be earned by recycling any type of material.  Verification of the transaction is required to have credits issued.

How far back can I go in reporting my materials to earn Recycling Offset Credits ?

Materials must be reported within a 90 day period of the original transaction.

How do I deposit certified funds in my ROCs account to trade or purchase ROCs?

To deposit US funds into your ROC account you may :

Mail to the address below either a certified check or money order

Our company mailing address is as follows:

RecycleNet Corporation
P.O. Box 1910
Richfield Springs, New York
USA, 13439

RecycleNet ROCs

File No.: 19800

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