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Diane Sarracini



The following sites contain useful information for our members:

  • Recycler's World:
    presents an overview of the recycling industry.
  • The Recycler's Exchange:
    A trading site for the buy/sell/trade of scrap tires, tire parts, used tires and all recyclable materials.
  • Environmental RouteNet:
    is an easily accessible source for important environmental information.
  • Recycling Council of Ontario:
    provides direct access to all RCO resources.
  • Revec-Sol:
    is a NARRA member that manufactures products from recycled rubber.
  • Tire, Tyres & More Tires:
    presents an overview of the market place for scrap tires.
  • Environment Canada's Green Line:
    provides information from the Canadian federal government's environment department.
  • The U.S. EPA does likewise for the U.S. Government.
  • Strategis:
    is Industry Canada's site for a wide range of business information, some specific to the rubber industry, and some of generic interest.
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